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Some photos from my beach trip! (I had never been before) keeping up my fitness in San Diego!

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Day one of fitness challenge!

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Day one of my fitness challenge, please ignore my sickled foot!

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Looks like an amazing way to spend rehearsal!

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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been on much lately. Between school, ffa, work, winterguard, and academy, its hard to find time to get on tumblr=( -Chaylee

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Chaylee, it's extremely easy to not like you honestly. And my first instinct is to be annoyed by everything you do, as is most people's. But I know what it's like to hate yourself. and to want so much the approval of others. And when I remember that I feel bad.

And it’s extremely easy to hit anonymous and hide who you are. You don’t have to like me, and I’m sorry you’ve experienced those things, but I don’t dictate my behavior by how others want me to act. And I never will. I wish the best for you.

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Academy schedule for the last day of camp this weekend.

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Your best run won’t happen on finals night. It won’t happen in front of thousands on fans screaming for you. It’s going to happen on the practice field, where only your staff and the other members can see you. Odd’s are, no one’s going to cheer for you. Mostly likely, no one will even notice. But you’ll know.
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